An amazing flight…no really

What a joy to fly South African Airways! It was as though I was actually a human being again. This may seem a bit over-the-top but I hadn’t realized how truly awful domestic flights had been until this most recent trip. Perhaps I can credit this experience to the World Cup, or to the fact that the flight was 15 hours long, but the service was impeccable.

We were given the customary headphones, blanket, and pillow (although perhaps I shouldn’t say “customary” since they aren’t necessarily on American flights anymore), and then also presented with a small toiletries kit and an eye-mask to aid on our in-flight slumber. Lunch was a delectable lamb curry and I was given metal (!!!) cutlery and actually trusted with a knife. Ah to be an adult on a flight!! Not to mention complimentary beverage service that truly was complimentary, even for those interested in sampling South African wine.

I will say I got a little stiff and cranky towards the end of the flight, but definitely due to the duration, not the service. And of course, the omelette/waffle option for breakfast alleviated any grumpyness nearly instantaneously. All I want now is to be able to fly SAA all the time.


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