Bienvenida a Santiago

Well, just four days after returning from South Africa, I’m at it again. This time the destination is Santiago, Chile, where it is currently a balmy 42 degrees Fahrenheit.  I flew an American carrier to get here, and I must admit I miss being coddled by South African Airways. As I sat pondering whether to add the cheap fleece-ish blanket to my collection of airline blankets, I noticed the little tagging reading “Property of ______ Airlines. Do not remove.” And that was that….. The SAA blanket had care instructions printed on the tag……

But no matter, I made it here, despite some serious delays (starting to wonder in the universe is trying out keep me out of Chile. Anyone who knows The Saga Of The Visa understands what I’m talking about). But immigration let me through so now I’m here for six months. Watching snow-topped mountains out of window on the cab ride without having to crane to see the peaks (yeah, we’re that high up) was awesome. And although I’m a little sad I wasn’t home for longer, I’m ready for the adventure that’s yet to come. Now it’s shower time and then I’m off to try to buy a cheap phone . Wish me luck!


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