La dificultad con esta es……

Pues,  when I spoke with other students about study abroad in Latin America while still in the States, they told me my English was going to get worse. What they didn’t tell me was how quickly it would worsen and how difficult it would be to stare at a blank page and focus on writing in English. Everything I want to say keeps popping up in my head in Spanish (albeit in awful, broken Spanish but in Spanish nonetheless) and it is increasingly difficult to both think and type in grammatically correct English (and let’s not even start in on the spelling…thank goodness for modern technology). Así, esta es mí disclaimer.

I promise to try my best for the duration of these 5 months to keep the posts in English. You, dear reader, must promise not to judge me too harshly when I commit egregious errors in my mother tongue. Cachai? Super buena. Nos vamos.


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