And the rugby quest continues…

At first I wasn’t planning on bringing my rugby stuff to Chile (I figured there wouldn’t be women’s rugby in a somewhat machisto country). But after buying a new ball and cleats in South Africa, I couldn’t bear to leave them behind. So I brought my rugby stuff.

And so began the quest to find an equipo de rugby feminino. Everyone I’ve talked to says they’re sure there is one, they’ve just never heard of it. So yesterday I journeyed via metro to San Joaquin, one of the campuses of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (la Católica), to ask the sports office if there was a team. No lo hay. For boys yes, but not for girls.

Hope is not yet lost. Next on my list is the sports office for Universidad de Chile (la Chile). Si no lo hay allí, I’m just going to show up to the rugby classes (men only) every day and beg to be let in. For now I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for la Chile.


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