I found one, I found one, I FOUND ONE!!!!!

After almost giving up hope of finding a women’s rugby team here in Santiago, the amazing Maricarmen and Rícardo both found the only two women’s rugby teams in the city. So yesterday I packed up all my gear and headed over to Stade Francais to meet the team. Yesterday the guys had the cancha (pitch) so it was lifting weights time. I met Nathy, Cati, Pauli and a host of others whose names are all running together at the moment. It was great being around a team again, even if I only caught about a third of what they were saying.

After weights it was time for a social, with the men’s team. We hung out for a bit and ate completos (hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, mayo, avocado, relish…..). Apparently we’ll be doing this every month, to try to breed some camaraderie between the two teams. One girl giggled to me that the only rule they had this year was that they couldn’t make out with any of the men’s team players, before whispering “But if no one finds out….” and rattling off which guys she thought were cute.

Oh, and we’ll be going to (if I understood this correctly) some kind of nationals tournament to play against Argentina in October, so if anyone here in Chile wants to buy a raffle ticket from me to support the team (CH$2.000  or $4.00), llamame!


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