General update…

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update, folks. I’ve been busy settling in to life here in Santiago, and I think I’m finally just about situated.

As you know if you’ve been following this blog, I’ve managed to find a rugby feminino team here. We only play sevens, but it’s good to be active again and to be working on rugby stuff. Of course, I forgot my mouth guard in the States so I had to buy one here (it’s strawberry flavored, since that was the only option…a little weird I must admit). At the moment, we’re raising money to go to Argentina in October for a major competition (wish us luck!!). Our major fundraiser is tomorrow at Stade Francais (entry is CH$1.000) and we’ll be raffling off a cake before bidding farewell to the lovely Natalie, who’s been visiting us from South Korea for the past six weeks.

Classes…I’m taking four this semester:

1. A clinical observation/health seminar at the Universidad de Diego Portales

2. Spanish for Health Care Professionals (linked with the clinical observation)

3. Native Cultures of Chile

4. Institutional History of Chile, 20th century at the Universidad de Chile

So far the history class is the tough one, both for the difficulty of the subject matter (and my complete ignorance about it) and for the difficulty of keeping up with a class full of Chileans, rather than extranjeros. But it’s also my favorite of my classes (haven’t had Native Cultures yet, so we’ll see if it stays that way).

Next weekend we’ll be headed out to La Serena for a field trip, so hopefully I’ll have a little more to say then.

And now…your moment of Zen……a pepino dulce (literally a “Sweet cucumber” but kind of like a melon).


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