Boomer’s been re-educated, but the rest of us still have a lot to learn about maternity care

Last week, the sports world was aflame over some particularly nasty comments that Mike Francesa and Boomer Esiason made about Mets second-baseman Daniel Murphy’s decision to skip out on the season opener for the birth of his first child — an event that happens exactly once a lifetime. Those comments included 1) telling Murphy he should have told his wife to schedule a C-section for before the season started and 2) telling Murphy he should have left immediately after the birth once it was clear mom and baby were fine.

I feel some kind of way about the whole situation, but that’s been rehashed enough by everyone and Esiason at least has apologized (props to March of Dimes for “re-educating” him, although I hope it was on more than just their mission statement) so I won’t take your time here to do that. However, there are severe health implications for both of those suggestions.

How severe? Try these stats on for size:

  • Infants born pre-term (even at 37 or 38 weeks) are 50% more likely to die than those born full term.
  • Over 60% of maternal deaths in the US are due to complications that arise after birth, and it’s not always clear during labor whether further complications will arise.

For more reasons why the whole paternity leave fiasco was terrible from a public health perspective, check out the full blog that Maura Reilly and I wrote for Rabin Martin last week.



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